Why you must have a Microblading touch up?

After doing the initial Microblading session, a touch up session after 4 weeks is a must as everyone heals differently and the outcome might vary, it is also the essential to rectify any inaccuracies during the initial session. We also access the color retention and density in the shape. The touch up session process usually takes about 1 hour.


After the first treatment, the brow colour always appears darker no matter how light the chosen colour is. One treatment may be enough for some; however we highly recommend and extend a second treatment after the healing process to make adjustments. Some of the adjustments needed to give you that perfect brow look could be; sometimes the pigment color may need to be adjusted, more strokes to be added and/or to adjust the brow thickness.

At times, there are instance where specific brow areas may not pick up the pigment well during first session and will need to be refilled. If you are blessed with an oily skin, you would usually need a deeper shade during the touch up session as the oils tend to lighten the pigment. The oil skin struggle is real, but the good news is oily skins slows down aging.


We do not recommend getting a touch up session within the 4 weeks of the initial microblading session as that can erupt the healing process and can cause further damages to your brows. The recommended touch up time frame is 4 to 6 weeks and only then is the microblading process considered to be complete.

Most crucially, your touch up session is when we refine your brows to ensure it looks perfect and retains the color for 8 – 2 years! Once completely healed, Microblading is very low maintenance and no special care is required. Yearly touch ups are also recommended to keep the colour fresh and strokes crisp.

How to be a successful Microblading Artist

The key to becoming a successful microblading artist is to learn from a good microblading institute, use best quality products and hone your skills. There are many places offering microblading courses which just shows how popular and in demand microblading is.


However, finding a reputable microblading course or program is somewhat difficult. Many places offer a 2 day  microblading training, but how feasible is that really. Do you think a tattoo artist can learn both the theory and practical aspect of tattoo artistry in 2  days? No, its unheard of, so why should any microblading artist learn it in 2 days. Granted that microblading, is just solely focusing on a tiny part of the face which are the eyebrows, but the eyebrows are the frame of the face, when eyebrows are not properly done, everything looks a little bit off.


There are so many unhappy clients out there, with butchered up eyebrows because they used an unskilled and inexperience microblading artist who did not have adequate training in the field. At Microblading Canada Inc, most of our inquiries are from people who took a 2 day microblading course and are unhappy with the training they got. Some say they get to practice on only one model before receiving their certification and in extreme cases, they don’t even practice at all but just watch their instructor work on a model. How can anyone offer a service without practicing it at all or after doing it only once. That is such a scary thought both for the new trained microblading students and their potential clients.

After hearing all these horror stories, we want to set the standard of proper microblading training by offering a FULL 4 DAY intensive training at our Microblading Canada Inc Institute. At the end of our training, our students be confident in their skills after practising on up to 5 live models. They will master the not just theory of microblading but also learn about skin care as well.


So please for any potential microblading artist out there, take time to master the skill. Microblading is a form of art, so precision, attention to detail, an eye for pigment color and proper training skills needed to be successful.

Contact us today and see how to sign up for our upcoming classes or one on one training!!


Microblading and Cancer patients

Microblading and Cancer Patients

Having and surviving cancer is one of the hardest thing anyone would ever have to endure in  one’s lifetime. The trauma of having cancer not knowing if you can survive the sickness, what havoc chemotherapy will do to your body, dealing with hair loss that come after the chemo. Hair loss is devastating to most women, because we women depend a lot on our looks and it defines us in so many ways. As feminist as I am, I and many woman embrace being vain, it’s just part of us and one of our many complex layers that makes us women.

So imagine loosing something as important as our hair is a very hard pill to swallow for most cancer patients. Most cancer patients would expect loosing the hair on their head during and after chemotherapy but what usually comes as a shocker is the loss of eyebrows and eyelashes. As the saying goes that eyebrows frames the face. So walking around with no eyebrows can change our entire appearance as  can really affect one’s self esteem and confidence. For hair loss in the head, there are multiple options available to hide it from rocking fabulous wigs, to wearing scarves and head wraps to doing henna designs/tattoos on the head.

But for eyebrows the options are quite limited. Using a eyebrow pencil alone won’t give the best natural look and if you want to have great natural looking eyebrows then microblading is the way to go.

Photo credit: christinaksmith.blogpost.com

What is Microblading you may ask?

Microblading is a new semi-permanent tattoo technique where a small disposal blade known as a microblading pen is use to draw on individual strokes one by one that look just like real hairs. It’s a pretty meticulous process and it  takes about 2 hours to complete. The good news is that the results last anywhere from 8 months to 2 years. Just the perfect timing for cancer patients to grow back their natural brows. We say having microbladed brows is like waking up with makeup everyday.

Perfect Eyebrows Before After

Ideally we would like to have patience start have their microblading session before their chemo starts but it would need to be “okayed” by their Oncologist as we do not know if or how the chemo radiation would affect the microblading pigment.We know dealing with cancer is hard enough so we just want to do our bit to help out by offering a free microblading session to one cancer patient every month. Just contact us at info@microbladingcanadainc.com and we got you covered.

We hope this blog post was helpful! Please let us know if you have any questions below.

Microblading Canada Inc at the 2017 Wedluxe Show


Our team at Microblading Canada Inc. were excited to participate in the 2017 Wedluxe show at the Carlu with our sister company Bella Chic Events. It was a weekend filled with luxury, abundance of fresh flowers, delicious treats, the latest beauty trends and much more from over 100 of Toronto’s most talented, elite wedding professionals including wedding planners, event designers, florists, spas and beauty service providers, cake designers, Luxury and Wedluxe go hand in hand so the show takes attendees into a journey of luxury throughout the entire show. The theme was “Wanderlust” and there were different experimental rooms to take each attendee on a whirlwind of world tour.

At our booth at Wedluxe Show 2017

We interact with the attendees and immersed them into the wonderful world of the latest beauty trend Microblading. Most brides to be were intrigued about having the perfect eyebrows not just  their big day but also for their honeymoons as well. We showcase a unique range of products we use for the Microblading procedure, explain how is it done and answered any questions they had. We had a slideshow of before and after photos of our customers and how we can help the bride look perfect for her special day.

Our sister company had a jaw dropping both with a massive rose chandelier that everyone was talking about.



There was the Mirage Lounge and Spa, decked out in a beautiful Moroccan-inspired palatial oasis, with a nail or beauty services for guests to indulge in and gorgeous nooks for attendees to relax and unwind.


Another beautiful facet was the La Vie est Belle Palais,  a stage inspired by luxurious Parisian palaces highlighting ornate opulent  backdrops, sky towering embellished cakes, lush floral, and so much more.


It was truly a delight to be to take part in The Wedluxe Show 2017 and be in the company of so many great vendors. Thank you to everyone who came out to the event and stopped by the Microblading Canada Inc. booth! Please contact us for a microblading consultation.


Beauty It trend of 2017


Have you ever dreamt of your eyebrows being on fleek as your favourite celebrity? Worry no more because we got you covered. Let me introduce the It beauty trend of 2017, drumroll please… it is Microblading. Microblading is the solution to sparse looking brows, thinned out, over threaded, over plucked and/or overwaxed brows. It is a form of semi-permanent tattoo artistry where a small blade known as microblade is use to deposit pigment underneath the first layer of the skin using the feathering technique to mimic the look of a full natural brows that are filled in 24/7.


According to Marie Claire magazine,  it is one of their “10 Beauty Trends That Will Be Huge in 2017” and said “Perhaps the best thing to happen to brows since Cara Delevingne”.

Eyebrows are arguably the most important facial feature, it just gives the face that perfect frame.  So, to start your 2017 right and if you are an eyebrow aficionado like myself, splurge a little bit and get flawless arched brows. Microblading lasts from 8 months to 2 years, duration varies as it depends on the individual and their skin type and skin care routine. Two sessions of Microblading are required to complete the procedure and the second session must be done within 4 weeks of the first session The cost of a Microblading procedure is $650 at the Microblading Canada Inc. for both sessions, first session is $500 and the second session is $150. We do have a $50 booking/consultation fee which is deducted from the actual cost.  Most people will hear the word tattoo and cringe, but the Microblading process is almost pain-free, its like getting a wax but everyone’s pain tolerance is different. The procedure is relatively fast, it takes 2 hours to complete and requires no down time at all but it takes up to 28 days or longer depending on age to completely heal. To make sure we give you that perfect brow, we do require the initial consultation to be 48 hours before the procedure to go over your brow shape and needs.

Before and After 1st Microblading session

So, who can get Microblading, basically anyone can get it done as long as you are of the legal age of 18 and you are not pregnant or breastfeeding. Lastly anyone performing Microblading must be certified in Microblading techniques and methods. At Microblading Canada Inc, all our master skin therapists are fully certified and we also offer 100 hours of Microblading training. If you want to want wake with perfect looking brows, book your consultation now .