How to be a successful Microblading Artist

The key to becoming a successful microblading artist is to learn from a good microblading institute, use best quality products and hone your skills. There are many places offering microblading courses which just shows how popular and in demand microblading is.


However, finding a reputable microblading course or program is somewhat difficult. Many places offer a 2 day  microblading training, but how feasible is that really. Do you think a tattoo artist can learn both the theory and practical aspect of tattoo artistry in 2  days? No, its unheard of, so why should any microblading artist learn it in 2 days. Granted that microblading, is just solely focusing on a tiny part of the face which are the eyebrows, but the eyebrows are the frame of the face, when eyebrows are not properly done, everything looks a little bit off.


There are so many unhappy clients out there, with butchered up eyebrows because they used an unskilled and inexperience microblading artist who did not have adequate training in the field. At Microblading Canada Inc, most of our inquiries are from people who took a 2 day microblading course and are unhappy with the training they got. Some say they get to practice on only one model before receiving their certification and in extreme cases, they don’t even practice at all but just watch their instructor work on a model. How can anyone offer a service without practicing it at all or after doing it only once. That is such a scary thought both for the new trained microblading students and their potential clients.

After hearing all these horror stories, we want to set the standard of proper microblading training by offering a FULL 4 DAY intensive training at our Microblading Canada Inc Institute. At the end of our training, our students be confident in their skills after practising on up to 5 live models. They will master the not just theory of microblading but also learn about skin care as well.


So please for any potential microblading artist out there, take time to master the skill. Microblading is a form of art, so precision, attention to detail, an eye for pigment color and proper training skills needed to be successful.

Contact us today and see how to sign up for our upcoming classes or one on one training!!


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